• Welcome to the College of the Transfiguration. Located in the historic city of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.
  • We are the only provincial residential college of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.
  • A rich and nurturing environment  to deepen faith, relate across diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • The multicultural nature of the college fosters values of faithfulness, justice and compassion.
  • We accommodate about 60 students from cross-cultural backgrounds – either on campus or in student quarters located in the streets surrounding the College.
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  The Anglican Church of Southern Africa has set the 4th Sunday of August as Special Day of Prayer: Theological Education.

On this Sunday we highlight the importance of theological education for both the laity and the ordained, the critical role played by our theological college (CoTT) and we also use this day to raise funds for the Theological Education Endowment Fund.

Theological education is a priority in the vision and mission of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
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